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Energy:  A Textbook

Howard C. Hayden

Energy: A Textbook is written for people who want to be able to be able to discuss energy with confidence.  There is nothing quite like knowing data—and knowing how to handle the numbers—so that you can hold your own in conversations, write sensible letters to the editor, and distinguish fact from fiction.  It is a superb choice for the home-schooling crowd.

This book is printed in full color in 8-1/2´11 format, Perfect bound.  It deals with realism from the get-go in a completely non-partisan way.  The equation for power from a hydroelectric dam is the same, regardless of any political, philosophical, religious, or sociological point of view.

There are exercises throughout the book to make sure that you understand the material.

There are no diversions into side issues like politics, environmentalism, climate, or any other hot-button issues.  The first step in understanding anything is to learn the facts.  Let Energy: A Textbook guide you through this wonderland.

This book is is a bargain at $25.






The Energy Advocate

Howard C. Hayden (Editor & Publisher) 

Every time we heat something, cool something, shape something, move something---in short, do anything to anything---we use energy.  Despite the necessity for abundant energy, there are strong political forces---in and out of government---that strive to stifle energy production using a variety of excuses, usually in the name of saving "the environment."  Every form of energy production, every form of energy transmission, and almost every form of energy usage has been attacked by these self-appointed saviors of the earth.

The Energy Advocate provides our subscribers the ammunition---data and scientific reasoning---to counterbalance the onslaught.

We accept no advertising, so we are beholden to nobody, and you don't have to sift through ads to find the substance.  Write or e-mail for a sample, or just get a year's subscription for $40.00.



The Energy Advocate

A monthly newsletter promoting energy and technology

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Bass Ackwards: How Climate Alarmists Confuse Cause with Effect

Howard C. Hayden (Vales Lake book)

“The Science is Settled!”  So we are told by climate alarmists eager to silence skepticism about their PlayStation Climatology.

It is telling that the IPCC has never made a cause-effect graph showing “forcing” (in watts per square meter) from CO2 on one axis and the resulting temperature rise on the other.  Had they done so, using real data instead of computer models, they would have discovered the absurdity of their predictions.

An approximately 30% increase in oceanic emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere since pre-industrial times is said by the IPCC to be “anthropogenic.”  

No, they don’t really think that humans have some machines in the ocean spewing out CO2; rather, they recognize that the oceans have warmed up and are emitting more CO2.  Oh, and an annual 6 trillion kg of CO2 emissions from combustion somehow becomes about 20 trillion kg of CO2 going into the ocean annually.  Go figure.








The Many Benefits of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment:

How humanity and the rest of the biosphere will prosper from this amazing trace gas that so many have wrongfully characterized as a dangerous air pollutant!

Craig D. Idso & Sherwood B. Idso (Vales Lake book).

Global warming alarmists tell us the horrors of increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration.  Skeptics tell us that it's not all that bad.  Finally, there is a non-apologetic treatise that tells us of the benefits of atmospheric CO2 enrichment in an alphabetical format.  This extensively referenced 360-page color book by Drs. Idso and Idso tells us of fifty-five benefits of atmospheric CO2 enrichment, and  belongs in the library of all who study CO2 and climate.

That's 55 benefits.  Fifty-five!

The benefits are not squeezed out of computer models, but are based on real data.  CO2, after all, is plant food, absolutely necessary for all of the biosphere.




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A Primer on Renewable Energy

Howard C. Hayden (Vales Lake book) 

Renewable energy is touted as the solution to many problems, among them pollution, global warming, and an impending dearth of conventional energy resources.  To understand the role of renewable energy, it is necessary to know (A) how much energy we use, (B) how we use the energy, (C) how renewable energy devices work, (D) how much energy the devices produce, and (E) on what schedule the devices produce energy.

What do we mean when we say that an energy source is renewable?  Trees grow year by year, and can be used for firewood.  But how fast do they renew themselves?  Rain falls and we can use the water for hydropower, but how fast can we produce electricity without using up the supply?  Sun shines in the desert, but how fast does the energy arrive at the photovoltaic array?  If a dam silts up in (say) 100 years, can we say that the hydro energy is renewable? 

Howard C. Hayden is Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Connecticut (now living in Colorado).


CO2, Global Warming and Species Extinctions:  Prospects for the Future

Dr. Craig D. Idso and Dr. Sherwood B. Idso (Vales Lake book) 

One of the great horror stories associated with predictions of CO2-induced global warming is that the warming will be so fast and furious that many species of plants and animals will not be able to migrate towards cooler regions - poleward in latitude, or upward in elevation - at rates that are fast enough to avoid extinction.  But is this claim true?  Learn what the scientific evidence suggests in this insightful new book.

Dr. Craig D. Idso is a former Director of Environmental Science at Peabody Energy in St. Louis, Missouri, and is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Society, Arizona-Nevada Academy of Sciences, Association of American Geographers, Ecological Society of America, and The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.  He did research at the Arizona State Department of Cliamtology.

Dr. Sherwood B. Idso was a Research Physicist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service at the U.S. Water Conservation Laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona.  He is the author or co-author of over 500 scientific publications including the books Carbon Dioxide: Friend or Foe? (1982) and Carbon Dioxide and Global Change: Earth in Transition (1989).  He served on the editorial board of the international journal Agricultural and Forest Meteorology from 1973 to 1993 and since 1993 has served on the editorial board of Environmental and Experimental Botany.  Over the course of his career, he has been an invited reviewer of manuscripts for 56 different scientific journals and 17 different funding agencies, representing an unusually large array of disciplines.


$ 13.95

Questioning Einstein: Is Relativity Necessary?

Tom Bethell (Vales Lake book) 

Questioning Einstein: Is Relativity Necessary? by Tom Bethell is a serious scholarly work that is very well written, absorbing the reader in a tale of long-neglected experimental results that plays out to a deep satisfaction in finally answering the question, "Why can't I understand relativity?"  This is a fresh, unique review of both special and general relativity.  It takes for granted that Einstein’s mathematics is properly done.  It does not quarrel with the numerous experimental results that support Einstein’s general relativity theory. 

Then what is the quarrel with Einstein? Bethell argues that special relativity theory is wrong and general relativity theory is not necessary. For example, Einstein himself derived E = mc without relativity theory, and he also argued in a lecture in 1920 at Leiden that “space without ether is unthinkable,” only 15 years after having said that the ether was superfluous. 

Bethell’s book is not mathematical; after all, he does not quarrel with Einstein’s mathematics. Importantly, it is strongly based on experimental foundations. Time dilation, for example, is supported by—but not proved by—moving muons and clocks carried around the globe.

In particular, Bethell promotes Petr Beckmann’s case that the medium of propagation of light is the dominant gravitational field. That idea is actually part and parcel of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, save that the latter hides the simplicity behind tensors in curved space-time.


Now available only on Kindle at Amazon




CO2 , Global Warming, and Coral Reefs: Prospects for the Future

Dr. Craig Idso (Vales Lake book) 

First unveiled at the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change in New York City, this book reveals much about the lives of coral reefs.  Global warming alarmists argue that if the water temperature rises, the corals will bleach.  Indeed, they do.  But if the temperature falls, the corals also bleach.  Still, coral reefs have managed to adapt and survive for hundreds of millions of years.

Dr. Idso explains the adaptive mechanism that have allowed coral reefs to survive despite tremendous changes in environmental conditions that have occurred throughout geologic time.

$ 15.95

A Primer on CO2 and Climate, Second Edition

Howard C. Hayden (Vales Lake book) 

A Primer on CO2 and Climate discusses the global warming controversy, using a heavy emphasis on data.  Yes, glaciers are receding, but they have been doing so since 1750.  Yes, sea level has been rising, as it has been for the last 18,000 years; we are continuing a slow rate of rise that has persisted for about 7,000 years.  Yes, the earth has been warming (unless you ignore the data since 2001) for over a century.  Yes, CO2 has been rising, but the rise extends back hundreds of years.  Yes, there is a correlation between CO2 concentration and earth's mean temperature, but there is a better correlation between temperature at a given time and CO2 concentration hundreds of years later.  Yes, Antarctic ice shows higher CO2 concentration than it has for the last half-million years, but --- on the half-billion year time scale, CO2 concentration has never been this low.

 With only on weak correlations and computer models with many arbitrary coefficients, some fear mongers (including, but not limited to Al Gore) have expressed willingness to destroy the economies of the world by restricting energy production.


$ 14.95

Jewels in Peyote Stitch: Twenty-six full-color patterns for beaded jewelry

Jill Moring (Vales Lake book) 

Jewels in Peyote Stitch is a book of intermediate to advanced designs for beaded jewelry done in odd-count flat or tubular peyote stitch. The band bracelet designs in the collection could be accomplished by beginning peyote stitchers. Bead-covered beads are used for bracelet clasps. Complete instructions for all of the necessary beading techniques are given in clear color diagrams.

Many designs are sets that include a necklace, bracelet and earrings. The author often mixes bead colors to achieve an “antique” look or to give the beaded surface extra interest. Unusual projects include “Blooming”, a three-dimensional flower pin; and “Victorian Rose”, a medallion necklace, bracelet and earring set. The author encourages beaders to try their own color combinations if they choose.

Wholesale source for this book: Helby Imports, 37 Hayward Avenue, Carteret NJ, 07008
voice: (732)969-5300
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$ 21.95

A Promenade Along Electrodynamics
Junichiro Fukai  (Vales Lake book)

. . . . . A drive on a highway with clear signs has a predictable view. If you take a detour to go around a mountain or go through a forest, you might encounter an unexpected beauty . . . . .

This book is about an experience concerning a promenade along electrodynamics. Stories begin with a puzzling question on the forces between two charges in relative motion. The readers are guided to go through a mathematical road to reach a new formula to predict phenomena associated with electrodynamics. The results are further elucidated by comparing the theory with special relativity. The arguments are limited in basic theory and results are presented in a clear and comprehensive manner.

The "new" theory we found here turned out to be an old one that was discovered by Wilhelm Weber in 1848. The theory was, however, incomplete. The author shows some fundamental remedies to fix the shortcomings and explores a different world view based on the new theory.

This book is about an attempt of human mind to find a connection between the world of ideas and the world of phenomena.

Promenade Along Electrodynamics    
$ 21.95 paperback


$39.95 hardback



7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming. . .A Beginner's Guide

David S. Hayden (Haydenpub Book)

CNC is the language that is used to tell programmable lathes, milling machines and other equipment how to shape materials according to the designer's wishes.  This Beginner's Guide lays out the basics in very clear detail.

Bonus deal:  Get free copy of The PC Easy Reader: Because you are NOT a Dummy or an Idiot

$ 25.00



The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear
Petr Beckmann (Golem Press paperback book, 10th printing)

Every source of energy has its hazards.  To ask for "safe energy" is to ask for gasoline that doesn't burn.  In this classic book, Petr Beckmann compares the hazards of nuclear energy with those of other sources in the only honest way: by comparing hazards for equal amounts of energy produced.


Health Hazards
$ 15.00


Orthogonal Polynomials for Engineers and Physicists
Petr Beckmann (Golem Press hardcover book, limited supply)

Three features make this book unusually interesting.

First, by combining two methods independently discovered by Prof. Tricomi (Italy) and a group of Russian mathematicians (not published in English before), the text derives the properties of all classical polynomials in general, and simple substitutions yield the differential equations, Rodriguez formulas, generating functions, leading and second coefficients and other characteristics of any classical family.

Second, the results are applied to contemporary problems

Third, this book contains the first publication of a method treating non-Gaussian random processes with virtually any probability distribution.

Orthogonal Polynomials
$ 40.00


Elements of Applied Probability Theory
Petr Beckmann (Golem Press paperback book, limited supply)

An extract of Beckmann's Probability in Communication Engineering (Harcourt Brace & World, 1967), this book is written as an introduction to probability for students of science and engineering who have a background in calculus.  Very readable.

Probability Theory
$ 30.00


Hammer and Tickle: Clandestine Laughter in the Soviet Union
Humor compiled by Petr Beckmann (Golem Press book, limited supply)

Seems to be a paperback version of  Whispered Anecdotes from Behind the Iron Curtain

A crowd of Czechs admires the US Ambassador's Cadillac parked in a Prague street.  One of them says to his neighbor:
"Isn't it beautiful?  What a show of technology and economic power!"
"Yes," answers the addressed man, "a great product of Soviet industry."
"You crazy?  Don't you know a Cadillac?"
"Sure I do.  It's you whom I don't know."

Hammer & Tickle
$ 15.00


Musical Musings
Petr Beckmann (Golem Press paperback book, limited supply)

Neither a concert guide nor a reference book, Musings is a potpourri of interesting anecdotal matter of music lovers.

Musical Musings
$ 30.00


The Structure of Language: A New Approach
Petr Beckmann (Golem Press book, available only as PDF)

No matter what the vocabulary is, and no matter what the grammatical structure is, every language is an error-correcting code.  It has to be, because messages are always sent over "noisy channels" and become garbled.  The receiver, nevertheless, must be able to interpret the message correctly.

Structure of Language $45.00


Structure of Language (PDF)

Einstein Plus Two
Petr Beckmann (Golem Press hardcover book.)

A moving charge experiences a force as it moves through a magnetic field.  The velocity to be used in the formula, however, is not the velocity of the charge with respect to the magnetic field, but the velocity with respect to the observer, according to the theory promulgated in books of electricity and magnetism.  This, says Beckmann, is offensive to the relativity principle.

Einstein Plus Two



Continuous Transitions in Open Waveguides
Viktor V. Shevchenko (Translated from Russian by Petr Beckmann.  Golem Press book)

Available only as photocopy.

$ Call

(719) 547-7805

Statistical Antenna Theory
Y.S. Shifrin (Translated from Russian by Petr Beckmann.  Golem Press book)

While supplies last.

Statistical Antenna Theory
$ 50.00


Radiation from Apertures in Convex Bodies (Flush-Mounted Antennas)
L.N. Zakharyev, A.A. Lemanski, and K.S. Shcheglov (Translated from Russian by Petr Beckmann; Golem Press hardcover book.)

VERY RARE.  Only 3 in stock.  Buy now!

Radiation from Apertures
$ 150.00


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